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KimQuy. Co. Pte. Ltd

     As the only private enterprise awarded “Vietnam high-quality product ” in twelth consecutive years , Kim Quy (Golden Tortoise) Ltd.Pte.Co is specialized in producing gold, silver, diamond and gem jewels. It has a gold quality control device of high-precision unknown to other gold businesses.   

     With a network of three shops and a workshop in central Hanoi. Kim Quy is known by its jewels of Rua Vang (Golden Tortoise) trademark. The words recall the value of history, quality and modern art combined with national tradition. With everchanging pattern and decoration, Kim Quy has some thousand types of jewels. “Eastern” gold is processed manually by goldsmiths with Tai-wanese technology. “Western” gold is more varied in styles and colour (single, mixed and multi-coloured) processed by technology of Italy, France, USA, Germany, and improved to meet the client’s liking.
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